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Decription of this calculation:
Information about welding method and joint configuration:
Type of joint: 1/2 V-joint
Welding method: G-FCAW (136)
Type of material: Steel
Plate thickness: 20mm
Root gap: 5 mm
Root face: 1 mm
Included angle: 45 °
Height of cap side 1: 2 mm
Height of cap side 2: 2 mm
Gass flow i litre/minut: 25 l/min
Economical data used in the calulation:
Gas price in USD/m³ 25 USD/m³
Depositrate at actual welding current: 4,0 Kg./h
Recovery: 87 %
Duty cycle: 25 %
Hourly wage: 325 USD/h
Electrode/Wire cost 25 USD/kg
Filler name: Flux cored wire
Calculations made by e-weld for 1 m weld:
Estimated area: 327,88 mm²
Weld weight per m 2,574 Kg
Welding time: 2,57 hours
Productivity: 0,39 m/hour
Consumption of electrode /wire: 2,96 Kg
Consumption of gas: 0,965
Material cost: 98,09 USD
Labour cost: 836,51 USD
Total cost: 934,60 USD
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